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PeeTree Ad Network - The new beginning in advertising

Welcome to our web site Rutakus and we would like to introduce you to our new advertising network for the advertisers and sponsors. When I (Russ owner/founder of Rutakus) I start an advertising network and called it Rutakus Advertising but lost the domain due to personal and health reasons but that name was not really working for the name of my advertising network. So with the recent loss of a friend of mine that I haven’t talked to too much as of the late. Come to find out he had committed suicide and the same way my sixteen-year-old had done so this kind of hit me hard. He was younger then me still though. So one of my buddies’ nickname “PeeTree” which was one of many nicknames.  I don’t know why it was sticking but it and I being playing with names and create fake domain name and seeing if they are available. But but when I create this one it sounded cool and helps create a positive memory of my buddy as well as my nephew Travis Cr@ne. PeeTree Ad Network DOT COM = http://peetreeadnetwork.com

We have a Traffic exchange up for those looking for free traffic earned for surfing others. More site like our paid to click sites. Our advertising network’s goals is to help advertisers get real human customers, traffic and so on. While helping the average user earn some extra cash. GREAT for the those WITH disabilities like me. Anyways come and join the fun.

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