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Updated Our Business License 2019

So I have been doing a lot of back end work on some of our other site and haven't been doing a lot of updating. I plan on getting some work done in the coming weeks on the web site and getting the forums back up and running which I had to disable due to a spam issues and some issues with the web site templates at the moment. Anyways, we renewed our business license at the end of Jan 2019. This is the only thing we did we added some new trade names to our business the main one I'm proud of Rust of All Trades which is our process of evolving my idea in to something awesome. I won't go in to details but the idea Rutakus is basically going to be the network and all of the tech stuff. Rust of all Trades is the business it self. We also added PeeTree Ad Network now registered, Atomic PTC, Epic PTC, AND Offers And Clicks. Here is our updated business license:

Updated License:

Thanks for reading.

Busy Busy life Lots of back end work

So this is more of a test article as I'm troubleshooting out content construction kit or content builder in our back end because I posted an article earlier in the week or so and it isn't really showing up. So as I've been busy with work on some of our other web sites and work at my other job, I haven't had the time to focus on this site. So our forums are offline until I troubleshoot that as well and we had a bit of a problem with a spammer too so now I might have to increase the spam protection a bit more like some of my other sites. Anyways, I just wanted to make this post for testing purposes as well as let you guys know what is going on with features being turn off and what not.

Most of our Network down

So as some of you already have known we were having issues with one of our web servers which affect good part of our network which means we had some good amount of downtime. Things happen and we were a bit on the frustrated side and even after we still had some small amount of data loss which was on a personal site of the founder but not the big of a deal though we did have to redo some of stuff in Epic PTC which means we don’t have it opened up yet. So this news goes for all our sites and network. Well our company. As we are in the process of growing we are going to hit these road bumps. was up the whole time and is our suggested hosting as it is what we offer and invested in for the reseller account we got. Also hosted on our network is which is our creative label, publisher, craft/creative store, community, etc. But it’s not opened up yet. But the rest of our network was sadly down and we got up and working hard on getting things launch. We also like to say we have a couple of domains for sale too contact us by support ticket system:

Anyways, we don’t have any details to what went wrong on our server and we are always making backup plans just in case like having back up host and stuff which is why we are web host resellers. But we do know that it was a problem that slowly got worse and we need to do something or we were going to find a different solution. But we didn’t have to do that but we are still working on the last bit of making sure things work. And do want to say there is some data loss on my personal site that managed by my Rutakus and Epic PTC and pretty much some others. I lost traffic and views during this time. But we will gain back as we don’t plan on disappearing any time soon. Also if you guys come across any bugs or errors on any of the sites let us know via our support ticket system. Thank you for reading.

Well Our Network Seem to Be Back to Normal

Well as you all or at least most of you can see our network websites and our company server is back online. I would llike to thank Asura Hosting for all their hard work on getting things going though there was a lot of downtime. Everything on my side looks like it is running smoothly and at least on my side. If you run into issues with this server being down we do have an alternative email that is up to me 100% of time but nothing in this world is 100%. So the other email you can contact us if the server or any or our servers for that matter is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will continue to watch and monitor the situation on our side and again we thank Asura Hosting for their hard work and continued support on our server issue. Hosting currently,, ( and to help raise money to pay off student loan debit from my schooling and to also help get my girlfriend from school.,,,,, and my own personal site that is not for my business.


Brief update is coming up with a "Executing in an invalid environment for the supplied user" I'm in the process of figuring what is going on though Thank you guys for your patience.

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