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 Mr.Ruste    22 Nov 2018

Well hello vistors and members.

Well hello vistors and members. So as some know but most don’t know who we are and want we do. This part in which we call PeeTree Advertising Network ( that is part of the company Rutakus. Rutakus started in 2010 as just a computer repair company but has changed over the years in to something more in which we are becoming a true jack of all trades. The PeeTree Ad Network part of our company consists of 3 paid to click sites, one traffic exchange and a pixel type of advertising site. The pixel type of advertising site is a web site we run to help my girlfriend get through college and we only get 3% of the monthly earnings which really isn’t much at the moment. But we would like that to change.

                Two of the paid to click sites we own we owned for a long time. The first one is our very first site that I the owner bought from someone in about 2009 or something, but has been around for a long while and I have had it running on two different versions of aurora gpt script and now runs on EvolutionScript ( The second paid to click site is one I had bought as a turnkey site under the dot info top level domain which I lost after being offline for a major health and personal problems. Now we have the dot com top level domain for Atomic PTC.  We know the previous owner of the dot com top level domain scammed people but it now our brand and we are not scammers and it sad we have to state this. Which leads me to the next web site that has now became part of our network, Epic PTC dot com. Basically, is now our adopted little brother but I found out after words was previous owned by a scammer which is sad because it’s a cool sounding and easy to remember name. The domain was available and I bought it and installed evoscript and got the domain added to my evoscript license which the ultimate (diamond) license latest version). This doesn’t change anything, I want to change that and make it into something awesome as I think ptc (paid to click) is a good thing if done right for all people especially people with disabilities. Lots of scammer messed it up for the honest people. Anyways, there is nothing I can do about the previous owner(s) of Epic PTC. I’m sorry that happened. I know as I’m a clicker myself since 2006 or 2005 started while I was in college to make extra money. I have been scammed many times and I had unfortunately have documented every one of them. Our last site Offers And Clicks is still under maintenance while we finish manually importing the data from old script database. Atomic PTC has imported. So if you have issues with any of your data contact us with proof like screenshots of invoice numbers so we can check all of our data. We have all the database from since we took over the sites on (Atomic PTC/Offers And Clicks). We decided not to import old orders or payouts as my OCD won’t allow for the funny looking and messed up front end as the importing doesn’t look right. So if you by chance need info for whatever reason (taxes or business purposes) we can try and provide the info as best as possible.

Our PTC sites

Atomic PTC:

Epic PTC:

Offers And Clicks:

                Last site is our traffic exchange called Rutakus Pixel TE which right now we have running on a code called Ventrino ( We are using the full traffic exchange which when we started it we were using the co-op and just decided to change it. Great site for free traffic.

Our Traffic Exchange - Rutakus Pixel TE:

Lastly that little pixel site I was talking about earlier in this article/news post can be found at here and click on the “pixel ads” link to buy pixel ads as I will help my beautiful girlfriend get through college or our household survive while she is bettering her life. We believe in helping people better their lives. 3% goes to my company for hosting costs and processing orders. If the monthly income isn’t much we aren’t going to take any money out except what is taken out from payment processor fees.

Anyways, that it for the moment thanks for reading. Stay tuned later as we might be looking for forum moderators/staff soon. Side note we still doing a lot of back-end work on all of our network web sites and I’m currently the only employee at this time and I do work another job as well where I put in huge amount hours at this time.