Rutakus Updates 2-23-2011

 Mr.Ruste    23 Feb 2011

Rutakus Updates 2-23-2011

So we've been on our new server for a little while now. And things have been going well. Rutakus site is still a work in progress but it's slowly coming together due to the amount of time I have available to work on the site and get all business aspects in order.

Soon we will have a computer parts store open under a sub-domain for the site.

Now Rutakus will be having other services available here soon. First service to be added will be an offline back-up and will only be available for local (Spokane/Deer Park, WA) customers. Although, it will be an option for those who have web hosting accounts with us.

Other services we will be adding are video editing and conversion. And will be adding audio conversion as well. These are some small services but it's something we enjoy doing and are pretty good at. Video subtitling/captioning is also going to be one of the services but it's something we are still looking in to.

That's about it for the moment. Thanks for visiting the site.