Mr.Ruste    09 Dec 2012

Massive Updates For Us

So it has been a while since I have done anything online. I had got in a car wreck back at the end of October. So I have fallen behind on getting stuff done on a lot of my sites. Some site came across problems and what not. First off our Paid-to-Click sites had an issue where we have to delay our payouts. We're also currently audit all member account on both sites for cheaters. Soon both Offers And Clicks and Atomic PTC will be following Foreign Assets Control policy and disallowing members from sanctioned countries. I will hate to do that but We are US based business. All of our other ad network sites will follow. The fact is all of our business will be following this policy

Other news it has come to my attention that there is a mischievous person(s) out there using domain forwarding to forward their domain to us ( Normally I wouldn't really care because they are giving me traffic but they are masking my domain with theirs and causing trouble and having fraudulent activities come back to Rutakus. First of all Rutakus does NOT do fraud or like activities. So I will now be blocking domains that are being redirected to my site other then my own. I will be doing what I can to prevent people from continuing these activities. We have a new email address set up for this type of issue and any other abuse in our company. Thanks to the person that email me earlier in the week regarding the domain issues. This email address is @

These are all the domains we own. Any other domains are not us and we don't manage. All of our advertisers are the same we don't manage or anyway

and any sub-domains for those above

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