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Hello everyone and welcome to the Freaky Kitty Designs web page on the Rutakus/Rust Of All Trades website. We are a small part of the Rust Of All Trade/Rutakus company. We do our best to provide the best graphics, logos, banners or whatever graphics project we will be working on for you. As these services are still fairly new we currently limited on available labor so you must set up these services through our online support ticket system for ease of all people who will be working on your graphic(s). Here is the link to contact our graphics design department:

Current pricing for banner or advertising style images creation services.
120x90pixels, 100x100pixels, 120x60pixels, & 88x31pixels are $20 per image

120x120pixels, 125x125pixels, & 234x60pixels are $25 per image

468x60pixels, 120x240pixels, 200x200pixels, 250x250pixels, & 320x100pixels are $28.00 per image

728x90pixels, 160x600pixels, 120x600pixels, 336x280pixels, & 300x250pixels are $33.00 per image

300x600pixels is $39.00 per image

851x315pixels (Facebook cover size) $49.00 per image

1000x550 pixels (good for sliders on home pages) $79 per image

Graphics created by us

 Made by Russell Lukach-Krueger Owner/Creator

468 by 60 pixels for our sponsor banner: Clickheresponors

Another 468 by 60 made for a website called Mystics Clicks; (clicking banner and purchasing advertising supports us): 1

 Another banner made for Mystics Clicks but this on isn't clickable and is the size of 180 by 100 pixel: 1

One made for one of our Peetree Ad Network websites called Rutakus Pixel TE: