Epic PTC is now open

 Mr.Ruste    15 Jul 2018

Welcome to Epic PTC, a new site to be added to PeeTree Ad Network.

Welcome to Epic PTC, a new site to be added to PeeTree Ad Network. http://peetreeadnetwork.com which is owned and operated by Rutakus i.e. Rutakus Pixel but all the same thing just different as one would say departments. Anyways, we are new so we don’t have a lot of ads in the system just yet but we are working on it as we are for our other 2 web sites once we open those back up as well. We do realize that the Epic PTC domain was previously own but it was available when we found it and worth a decent amount. If this was a ptc previously then you take it up with the previous owner and get yourself a lawyer to help you recover your funds. It cost a bit of money to pull domain records through https://www.domaintools.com/ and we weren’t going to waste our time paying for it after we found out. We found out due to getting an email to our server after we had installed  Evolution Script and set up our email account. We wish we could help and if you have proof and join our site we can try and help but we are not pulling in enough income to do a lot yet. But you can help us develop our service we will be offering through our main company but it not even ready yet. Anyways we plan on making a good brand out of Epic PTC as well as the rest of our network and services. We plan on adding more memberships soon and ad packages. Also we do plan on lower the payout here soon and will do it on and off to clear out site debit throughout the year. Also please note all information required for tax and identity fraud are handled through https://www.epicptc.info/index.php?view=contact when you are login to your acount

This includes uploading the forms we require to file our business taxes when we pay you $600 or more please read our terms.

Also though we have the forums and support ticket system on Epic PTC we have another forums that we can also get you answer as well and is more of a community but more or less our main company forums here: https://forum.rutakuspixel.com/index.php?board=35.0

Also is still under development but ready enough for a live site so you all can help it evolve LOL Our main support ticket system is that above link as well. But we will be active in both. And we will be looking for staff soon to help out. Thanks for reading and now join us if you haven’t already and start earning while give our advertisers what they want view and human views at that. Happy human Clicking LOL.

PS please check your junk mail box for our email and add us to your safe list please as we would do the same for you.