Almost time for that Special Someone

 Mr.Ruste    09 Feb 2013

Almost time for that Special Someone

Almost time for that special someone. I hope you sharing you Valentine's day with someone special. Make sure you buy them something nice. Happy Valentine's Day from Rutakus. Anyways, I just wanted to post some brief updates what has been going on in the Rutaklus world. This is year is our plan to get things really going. First couple of years we have not had a whole lot going on and some small bumpy things happen.But I see this as way to have Rutakus know world wide at least with some of our network sites. Our Paid-to-click sites are starting to get more traffic which will be good for both our members and our advertisers. I've been working quite hard on that and putting in a bit of money to advertise as well. We have also expanded another site. Just a small little pixel advertising site call and add a top sites for PTC/GPt sites under a sub-domain at right here

This years goals is to fully implement our current service on Rutakus. Planning on data entry for cataloging services for your dvds, books, video games and whatever else you desire. We will fully design the database (support databases, MS Access, OpenOffice Base, MySQL,) if for a bit more we can add extra features like forms for add more content, or a front-end website to display your collections world wide.

We will also be adding simple banner designs for low cost. Script installations for popular open source web site systems (i.e. shopping carts, blogs, chats, Content Management systems) We can also do plugin and theme layout installations. There will also be custom theme designs or current theme modifications.

Well that is it for the moment. hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day