My Review of Smart Defrag

 Mr.Ruste    10 Mar 2014

My Review of Smart Defrag

So how is everyone's March going so far? I have been doing alright.Last couple of months have been a bit a hard with my car wreck injury from back in Oct. 2012. Anyways, I got something for you guys.


So lately I have been using a alternative defragmenting software. I stop using the Windows one a long time ago and was using another program which we will talk about later. I started use one called Smart Defrag. I install this after I had done a reformat of my desktop and laptop. I install it on both of them. I think about 4 months back. Smart Defrag is developed and maintained by a company IObit.

Smart Defrag is a super fast degragmentor software which I would advise everyone to install if your hard drive is over 80GB. But great for all hard drives. It's got options to do automatic defragmenting including a boot time defrag. You can set it up for how many day to auto boot time defrag. Automatic defrag will run every time your computer goes to sleep i.e. is idle. The settings will allow tyou to not let your CPU go past a certain percentage. Lastly you can also defrag and optimize your system,

Final note I would recommend everyone to install this on their Windows system. I'm even giving my clients the option to have us install it on their systems and get some training on how to use the application.

If you would like to check it out, here is the download link: IObit websites