Rutakus Updates Long time no post

 Mr.Ruste    20 Jul 2012

Rutakus Updates Long time no post

Well it has been a long time since there was anything posted. We have been quite busy with life outside of Rutakus. But we are getting back into action. A while back we had a server issue where we had lost a bit of data for all of our sites.This also included down time in which we lost Internet traffic. We are now working on measures in which to prevent the least amount of data lose. If you have read our last news post we had a bit of news posts lost as well as our forums.Now we have add the forums back but user registration isn't open yet. We will be opening that up soon. Our Facebook fan page is still there and we are planning on adding our RSS feed to post our news there.

Now we are slowly adding new services to our business. Video type of services are in the works. Types of services we will be providing are video conversion/encoding, video editing/professional DVDs like DVD menus and such, subtitling services and video watermarking. We haven't currently added everything yet but it is in the work. We are also planning on adding image editing as well.

We are also working on increase our advertising revenue on our Paid-to-Click networks. We have also add a Pixel advertising site. Banner and ad space will be available on all our business sites in the up coming months for those who are looking to increase your business/blog/web site views.

Well that is it for the moment. Thank you visitor for reading.