The Owners B-day

 Mr.Ruste    28 Oct 2015

The Owners B-day

Well as of now it is my birthday 12;23am at the moment though I haven't not gone to bed yet. Well 36 years old today and I sure in the heck don't look it, though sometimes feel like I'm old then that with the car accident injury. But all is well and still hanging in there. Anyways, as some may have notice that I've been slowly added and configuring features in the background of the site. Also updating and adding more pages. I'm soon hoping to open up user registration on the site, but first I want to make sure that we are able to keep the spam issues all web site administrators are faced with on a daily basis. I also want to make sure that everything will be working correctly as well. I'm planning on see if I can have a couple poeple I know do some user interface testing here soon.

A big part of the back end work is also getting the store up and running so that it will be easier for everyone to purchase our web site templates/designs and any other product we make a available. We will not be use the store for selling our ad space as we are on the process of creating the web site called "Rutakus Advertising Network" or Rutakus Ad Net for short in which will be our store for buying advertising space on any of our network sites. The Rutakus Ad Net is basically going to be the replacement for our old website called which we had lost the server and domain name from my issues with my car accident injury and financial struggle caused by the party that hit my car back in 2012. I may end up importing old news and data from atomblogic's database.

Other things that are in the works I've been playing around with the idea of recovery/conversion for old Windows© 98 program files. The reason is I been playing some old Windows© 98 games with a program called VMware player running Windows© 98 as a virtual machine (i.e. virtual computer operating system). I know quite a lot of people that have data on floppy disc that could still be useful if only they could open with Windows© XP and above. It's in the works at the moment as I'm looking in to what programs I didn't give to the goodwill or something. I've been throwing around a lot of ideas with Rutakus as a business lately and I also really would like to see this grow and in reality I really don't want to be on disability, but I will have to hire at least one person to help out at the moment. I will probably have to pay under table which they would have to pay their own taxes. But I do plan on having this person as an employee.

Anyways, it's a happy birthday start for me and I'm going to stop working on this for a bit as I got to get up early for a client tomorrow.