Updates, Paypal, and Randomness

 Mr.Ruste    22 Sept 2019

Hello all you wonderful members of our network, i.e.

Hello all you wonderful members of our network, i.e. Atomic PTC, Epic PTC, OffersAndClick, Rutakus Pixel TE and Team JR pixel ads site. I know it doesn’t look like ma lot of activity on the site but I’m on everyday in the background and backing up the sites. But I’ve been super busy with my other job as the holiday season comes closer. I’m also in the process of getting a loan for my house which is all our office location for PeeTree Ad Network sites (http://www.peetreeadnetwork.com). So as you can see I’m super busy but as soon as things start coming to a close for this house I can start putting a little b it more focus on the sites as well like getting the web layouts/designs done for the each site so they look different and more appealing.

So, the first thing I would like to address and it’s a very hard decision but for right now this is until we know for sure PayPal isn’t going to be stupid. So for now on until we change it otherwise PayPal purchased are disable for Atomic PTC, Epic PTC, & Offers And Clicks. You can still add balance to your accounts but you MUST open a support ticket and we will create an invoice for you. Our refund policy is the same as before see terms of service if you forgot. The biggest reason for this is sites like these PayPal is being very stupid with online earning sites which as some of you who have been doing this for awhile now know a lot of honest business owners or individual people. Though scammers don’t help the situation still there is no excuse for PayPal to freeze and steal people’s money without and reason. The second reason is to prevent return fraud or fraud type transactions as it has become a problem for a lot businesses. We are still going keeping PayPal as withdraw option though we are no longer going to keep a balance in Paypal as much as we can. Funds are from now on transferred to our business bank account for purposes of being able to make more payout options available and to prevent as much of an lose of money if a processor decided to not give us our money. Rutakus Pixel TE will still have PayPal for purchase for the time being until I can add different options to the site, then Rutakus Pixel TE will follow the same rules as Atomic PTC and so on. Team JR pixel site’s (https://pixel.rutakuspixel.com/) PayPal is fully functional. We are also going to offering more options for purchasing outside the norms of our sites. We currently working on adding AirTm for a payment processor and payout option and hopefully soon Skrill. I have a personal Skrill account but that is not going to work with our system. 

Another small bit of news is I’m going to start cleaning out the unverified accounts from the system as they are wasting resources that could be used for active serious earners/users. Users just as any other deleted account can always be restored if not terms of service were violated.

Either way as I’m currently a one-man team here at the moment with big idea and I’m doing the best I can to get things rolling with this being said. I will be having a new staff member here soon to help out as we start to grow. I’m also slowly working on bringing in more advertisers to give you guys more earning options be either way you guys will earn and be paid. Thanks for reading You guys have an awesome day.