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Lots of back end work on our web sites But here some of what going on.

So as I have been busy with getting some of our other web sites up and running i haven't been able to focus on Epic PTC faq area and get other things done in both forums. What I mean is the forums here on Epic PTC and our main forums for main company web site. Also I've been busy importing databases for my other PTC sites that were running on old script or on different domain. Those site are going to be relaunched soon. So first we have a new deal going on. We had closed out the grand opening deal.

The new advertising package deal is called

"The Winter is Coming Deal (snow in my area deal)"

  • 7500 Paid To Click Credits ( 5000 normally goes for 5 dollars)
  • 2 month Featured Link Ad Credits (worth 4 dollars)
  • 75000 Featured Ad Credits (worth 6 dollars)
  • 75000 Banner Ad Credits (worth 6 dollars)

So we still the Epic Deals Package and the owners birthday special. The birthday special will go on until the end of October. So because I have been busy I haven't had time to go out and work on adding more advertisers or find more advertisers. I plan on adding Fixed ads soon and also a traffic exchange and the option to make commissions off sales fro non member advertiser but those features we don't have the funds for yet but are in the works. I'm in the process of working on getting the full FAQ sections done so that it will make things easier for people to understand how to use this site. And I'm planning on looking for staff here soon. We are also in the process of updating our Terms of services including add our country block list due to our government here in the USA. I like where I live but this is dumb that stuff that s going on. I just don't understand why we all can't get along and not fight and steal from each other but it is what is it. If we ever made enough money with our business. This is not the only thing I'm planing on doing. Epic PTC is just part of it. 

Don't forget free members earn 1% commissions from sales/purchases. Upgraded earns more.

Anyways Cuba, Ivory Coast, Burma (Myanmar), Iran, Korea (North), and Syrian Arab Republic. Because I report what we pay you and what we earn for taxes in our country we are not allow to provide or receive money from those countries which are sanctioned. Anyways, thanks for reading and being members. You can comment on this news in the forums here: https://www.epicptc.com/forum.php?topic=6

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